Woman devises eclectic method for Qur'an research


Iranian Qur'an researcher and writer, Marzieh Yazdi, publishes her works in a number of languages to promote Islamic culture and teachings in other countries.

Born in 1960 in Hamedan province, she received her M.A. in pedagogy from Shahid Beheshti University. She is the wife of martyr Haj Mohammad-Hossein Derafshifar.

She was selected as the best writer of the Fifth International Conference of Women Qur'an Researchers in 2007 and in the same year, ranked third among university professors in the west of the country in a research competition.

She was also given the title of the exemplary writer of Hamedan province in 1998, 2002 and 2011. She has recently launched a Qur'an research website www.marziiehyazdi.ir in Persian, Arabic, English and French languages.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Daily she talked about her works as well as her goals and ambitions. Excerpts follow: